Lucknow Mahotsav with family

Lucknow Mahotsav, a day out with family |

On the day, before we have planned for a full day trip to visit Lucknow Mahotsav. The information was in Local News papers with the program schedules
We started our day by booking a cab from Home, Rajajipura, to the location at its 15 KM, costing 250 INR.

After reaching and buying the tickets we went in and started watching the stalls and setup by 12 PM in afternoon |

As per my view point there were 400+ stalls, play area and 100+ food stalls.

We started from one side at by 3:00 PM we just cometed the half of the Mahostav stalls. With house hold decorative pieces to show room setup for cars and bike was avilable.

We had our lunch at 3:00 PM with pao bhaji and cold drinks and moves on to furntiture section.

by 7:00 the cultural program get started for 2 hours.

We left the place by 9:00 PM with full road blocks by cars and bikes. Had a cab by 10 PM and back to home. I loved and looking forward to visit for next year |